Congratulations to our 2023 Prefect Team

Key Points

  • Congratulations to our 10 successful nominees who have been elected as our Prefects for 2023 this term.
  • Congratulations also to our Captains, Megan and Jess and Vice Captains, Brock and Max elected to lead the Prefect team.
  • We are so proud of each of our students who nominated themselves for the position of Prefect this year with 27 of our Year 11 students carefully considering their applications for the leadership position.

Term 4 marks the beginning of the HSC journey for our Year 11 students and with that, the opportunity to undertake that senior leadership position as Prefect for Year 12 2023. It is a chance for our most senior students to work together to lead others across the school and bring about those opportunities and experiences our Year 12 students are keen to see and provide here at Gymea.

We are so proud of each of our Year 11 students who nominated themselves for the position of Prefect in 2023. The nomination process has them reflect on themselves as leaders, their demonstrated commitment to their school throughout their time at Gymea and what it means to be a leader of their peers. The nomination forms from all 27 of our nominees this year demonstrate the commitment our senior students have to making positive changes for their junior peers as well as their drive to help them set up strong study and organisational skills that will assist all students in their senior schooling years.

Each year, we undertake tight processes that ensure validity and confidentiality during the voting process that elects our Prefect Body. Several years ago we removed segregating boys from girls in the election process so we can simply let votes dictate who are captains and vice captains. We have a wonderful group of prefects and this year two very wonderful captains and vice captains. Congratulations to the following students elected as Prefect in 2023:

Meghan Hollingsworth
Jess McQuilty

Vice Captains
Max Streeter
Brock Faint

Luke Holland
Ayden Hollingsworth
Jeremiah Brand
Jacqueline Marsh
Ash Noble
Bonnie Summers

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