Year 12 2022 Graduation

Key Points

  • Congratulations to our Year 12 students for officially graduating from their 13 years of schooling on Wednesday 21 September.
  • It was a warm and personalised graduation ceremony, the first in 2 years that our families have been able to attend to watch each of our graduating students recognised for their successes and achievements throughout their year 12 studies.
  • We wish our graduates all the very best for their upcoming HSC exams.

It was wonderful to be able to welcome so many parents and families back in person to our Year 12 Graduation ceremony on Wednesday 21 September after two years of restrictions kept our graduation ceremonies online in 2020 and 2021. For our Year 12 families, the Year 12 Graduation Ceremony is an opportunity to watch and celebrate the successes and commitment of their children in their pursuit of the Higher School Certificate and to be able to do so in person again was something truely heart warming that saw our families fill the hall.

The Year 12 Graduation in 2022 was again a very personalised and intimate ceremony that recognised the individual achievements of every one of our graduating students. Our Year 12 students were able to revel in the memories they have made together with their teachers throughout their high school learning and reminisce on their time at Gymea from their beginnings in Year 7 through to their final celebrations at the end of this term.

It was also wonderful to be able to have our Year 12 students perform at their Graduation again, with our HSC Music and Dance students putting on their final three outstanding performances for their family, friends and peers that had the crowd loudly cheering. 

Many staff joined the ceremony this year as well to show their support of their Year 12 students. Their Year Adviser, Mr Amerikanos shared his admiration for them and the pride he felt in helping to guide them as they navigating their final years of schooling. Year 12 responded in kind, thanking Mr Marsh, Mrs Edwards and Mr Amerikanos for their guidance and support as well as all of their teachers for their hard work and dedication to helping them achieve their very best throughout their years at Gymea and in preparing for the upcoming HSC exams.

After the ceremony, our students and families were able to mingle outside in the outdoor classroom area where our Year 10 Food Technology students provided hospitalities and light refreshments. This was a much welcome opportunity for staff, students and families to take many photos together and share their stories and thank you’s with each other about their Year 12 journeys.

Congratulations to our graduating class of 2022. You are a truly respectful and committed year group and we were filled with pride as we watched you graduate from your 13 years of schooling. We wish you all the very best for your final step – those HSC exams we know you are well prepared for commencing on the 19 October.

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