Year 12 Celebrations and Carnivale

Key Points

  • A now long standing tradition at Gymea Technology High School, Carnivale was held for our Year 12 students on Tuesday 20 September.
  • As a final day of celebration for Year 12, the day is a right of passage that sees our students celebrating with their teachers at their very own carnival held at school, with music, games and jumping castles providing entertainment throughout the day.
  • This finished up a week of activities celebrating Year 12’s high school journey, including the annual staff vs students Oz-Tag match and Year 12 Dress Up day.

The last week of Term 3 provides an opportunity for staff to celebrate the end of the years hard work and preparations towards the HSC with Year 12. Our celebration week has become a wonderfully respectful tradition at Gymea Technology High School, where our Year 12 have the opportunity to enjoy a range of fun and interactive activities with their teachers who have guided them throughout their high school journey.

The celebrations begin with the annual staff vs students Oz Tag match, an always humbling activity for our Year 12 students that time and time again, demonstrates the teamwork, dedication and talent their teachers really do have. Although this year was a particularly crushing win over Year 12 with the final score line reading 9 – 2 after Nikita scored the only try for the students team, it was emensly enjoyed by the entire school who filled the sidelines at lunch time to cheer the game on, cheering a little louder as the teachers increased the scoreline over and over again. The Oz Tag match is a long-standing tradition that kicks off the celebrations week for Year 12 in a match that shows the truly fun and respectful teacher-student relationships we are lucky to have here at Gymea.

While final lessons are being held on the Monday of Week 10, our students always take the opportunity to dress up, often swapping uniforms with each other and allowing for some very funny final class photos to be taken.

This leads on to Carnivale on Tuesday, a full day of celebration and fun for our Year 12 that has become something the following years highly anticipate for their own year 12 journeys, almost with envy. This year with the easing of restrictions, we saw a much more traditional Carnivale take place, allowing for Year 12 to set up their Carnivale with an obstacle course jumping castle that was thoroughly used throughout the day, intense sumo wrestling matches in giant inflatable suits, tug-of-war and volleyball games, water balloons galore and a BBQ lunch provided by Year 10 Food Technology students. Year 12 took full advantage early morning sunshine to enjoy their day of activities with many of the staff braving the possibility of getting a little wet to enjoy the day with them.

As always, our Year 12 students showed what a beautifully respectful year group they are in the thoughtful and considerate way they engaged in all of their activities throughout their week of celebrations, ensuring other students watching on see the respectful way to thank their school for the hard work behind the scenes while letting off some steam after a busy year. Thank you Year 12 and we thoroughly enjoyed celebrating with youi

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